Necktie Racks Aren’t Created Equal

You want a revolving tie rack that you have to install and then find size C batteries for every few weeks?

Nah, me neither.  The installation of such an item takes up a lot of space. And we don’t have a supply of C batteries floating around our house.

You could roll your ties up in a leather case. I saw that system. Only you can’t see the tie inside the case, so how do you know which tie you want? And all those leather cases are rolling all over.

No one likes rummaging through a mess of tangled ties, but hanging them on a wooden tie rack that has been screwed into the closet isn’t a whole lot better. Every time you want to see if a tie matches a shirt, you have to haul the tie down and then re-hang it.

There was a cedar tie storage box. This system did smell good, the cedar is always nice—but there was only room for 12 ties and the tie owner would have to carefully roll each tie.

Every system we looked at was cumbersome or didn’t really work, or took up too much space.

Laying your ties across a chair isn't the best storage spot for this accessory.

Laying your ties across a chair isn’t the best storage spot for this accessory.

Laying the ties out on a chair, wasn’t the best system either.

That is why we’re so pleased with the Necktie Butler. We love this necktie rack. It is compact. Requires no batteries, no installation, no fuss. And your ties stay in pristine conditions, so you’ll look professional everyday.

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Neckties Need Tie Racks

A Tie Rack Will Keep Your Neckties Looking Professional

I suppose car dealers look at what car their neighbors drive.

Dentists look at teeth.

Beauticians check out your hair style.

Teachers listen to your grammar.

I look at ties.

Some men wear ties that make them look professional and powerful.

In the play Hamlet, William Shakespeare said, “The apparel oft proclaims the man.”

In our culture, the kind of tie and the condition of that tie does proclaim what type of man you are.

Wearing a quality tie means that you value looking professional and businesslike. This translates into the fact that you must value your business. You must pay attention to detail. You must hold yourself to a higher standard than those who work without this addition to your wardrobe.

Oscar Wilde once said, “A well tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

Certainly, putting on that first tie for the first professional interview or job is a step in a direction of a professional life.

Keep your ties clean, neat and professional looking with this tie rack.

Take a look at our product store with two different varieties of necktie racks, or read more about the tie racks before purchasing.

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The Original Necktie Butler is an innovative product made for all those in need of a good way to store and select their ties.

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Take a look at our product store with two different varieties of necktie racks, or read more about the tie racks before purchasing.

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