Necktie Racks Need for Professional Men

When dressing for an interview, remember that it only takes 30 seconds to make a lasting impression.  Before going into the interview, make an evaluation of the first impression you will give off. Do you exude professionalism? No matter how good your resume looks, you need to appear professional in person.

Certainly future employers will feel that if you can’t take the time to impress on the first meeting, why would you try to impress clients?

Sloppy people give the impressions that they do sloppy work. You must look neat and presentable.

A quick suggestion—The fastest and least expensive way to enhance your image is—buy a quality necktie.

Coordinate the necktie and the suit. You are not going for the gangster look. The tie, the you will carefully store on a tie rack, should be of good quality material with a small pattern. Do not wear cartoon ties. Do not wear symbol ties. For an interview simple patterns and conservative colors are the way to go.

Shoes should be clean and polished.

Socks should be black.

Hair should be neat and cut

Don’t overdo the cologne or aftershave.

Once you have got a job, you need to continue with your professional appearance, especially if you want to move up in your profession. Get a necktie rack to keep your ties looking professional and clean.

Get the job and keep the job by putting your best foot forward.

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Tie Racks to Organize Your Closet, Necktie Racks

If you’d like a few more minutes in the morning to read the last few pages of your company report, or peruse the headlines on your tablet then get your closet organized.

Getting organized can save time in the morning and insure that you’re on time and looking smart.

A man’s wardrobe consists, for the most part, of suits, shirts, ties, jackets, sweaters and casual ware.  Males don’t deal with the lengths and variety typical of your feminine counterpart. But the first rule applies to women and men—get rid of what you don’t need.

Here are the six rules of getting organized:

  • Rule one—Throw it out if you can’t, won’t or shouldn’t wear it. There are numerous charities that could use the clothes cluttering your closet.
  • Rule two— Remove belts from slacks. Leaving them there can stretch the garments out of shape. Belts belong on a belt rack just as ties belong on a tie rack. Never leave your ties around the neck of a shirt. Ties need a chance for the wrinkles to fall out by being placed on a necktie rack.
  • Rule three—Categorize. Keep similar items together. Hang dress shirts together, sport coats with blazers.
  • Rule four—Invest in closet organizers. You might want to invest in extra closet space with things like shelves, shoe organizers and multi-tiered hangers.
  • Rule five—Make accessories visible. Invest in a tie rack that will make your collection easy to see and choose.
  • Rule six—Place shoes side-by-side. Untie and tuck your laces for a neat appearance.

If you need a little additional space so that you can space your clothes you need a necktie rack that is compact and yet efficient. The Necktie Butler gives you an easy to use tie rack that also uses very little space.

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Tie Racks Should Bring the Best Out of Your Accessory

Now that you are in a position to wear a necktie on a regular basis, you have probably noticed that somehow these beautiful, well-chosen accessories aren’t hanging as straight and looking as sharp as they once did. Maybe you need to care for them a little better.

  • Always untie your tie at the end of the day. Don’t just make the loop big enough to pull your head out of.
  • Don’t rip your tie off when you get home at the end of the day.  Untie it in the reverse order of how you tied it.
  • Hang them on the Necktie Butler.
  • This suggestion bears repeating. Hang them on the Necktie Butler. Throwing them on the back of a chair or on the dresser will not allow the wrinkles to fall out cleanly.

Besides not hanging them properly the next worse thing you kind do is to stain them with food or beverages.

You can dry-clean a stained tie, but the shiny look and feel of your tie will be gone along with the stain. Therefore, really make an effort to protect your tie during meals.  If you do get a stain, dip a clean white napkin into club soda and dab on the spot. Don’t push too hard or the stain will be forced deeper.

For a greasy stain you can use foot power or baking soda and then pat the area.

Then go back to that important step, hang the tie up properly. Necktie Butler is a great option.

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Tie Racks that Preserve Your Neckties

Dressing like an adult often requires putting on a tie. Don’t ruin the “adult” look by ruining your tie.

Ties need to be cared for. The media portrayal of an exhausted businessman impatiently yanking his tie off at the end of the day isn’t the role model you want to be following. Instead, undo the knot properly. Tugging on it to release the knot can easily stretch the tie out of shape.

A properly maintained necktie will last a life time and save you a fortune when you consider replacing those expensive accessories.

One of the best ways to keep your ties in pristine condition is to have several of them so you’re not wearing them out too fast.  As with shoes, try not to wear neckties two days in a row. This allows the wrinkles to fall out of the tie. As a rule of thumb you should have three or four ties that go with each suit or sport outfit. Giving them a break will help them retain their shape and keep them looking crisp.

Keep your ties looking crisp and clean with Necktie Butler.

Keep your ties looking crisp and clean with Necktie Butler.

Ties should be stored hanging neatly. This is why a Necktie Butler tie rack is a necessary addition to your closet. As your ties hang neatly in the darkness of your closet the wrinkles will fall out and the closet will keep the colors bright.

Care should be taken in choosing a tie rack. Most of them are not worth the money. Necktie Butler is the rack for adults that want to continue to look like professional adults.

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