Necktie Racks Will Safely Store those Needed Accessories

Shoes are not multi-purpose.

  • You don’t wear dirty white vans to a power luncheon
  • You don’t wear football cleats to a karaoke bar
  • You don’t wear white socks and sandals to play golf
  • You don’t wear cowboy boots with basketball shorts

Even in a society which embraces casual Friday, there are still mixes (hiking boots to a formal wedding) that make you look less than astute.

Ties are also not multi-purpose.

  • Scooby Doo cartoon ties do not inspire confidence in a board room
  • Ties shouldn’t hang three inches below the belt
  • Ties shouldn’t stop three inches above the belt
  • A clown tie that squirts water is never a necessity

If you want be accepted as someone with common sense, skill, knowledge and the abilities necessary to handle most situations, choose a good tie.

  • Find a tie with a good lining. Good lining allows you to tie your tie easier and prevents wrinkling.
  • The fabric should feel smooth, not brittle
  • Pick a tie that hits the top of your belt buckle
  • Wear wool ties with tweed or heavyweight jackets
  • Wear silk or similar ties with business suits
  • For business select a tie that has the colors of your suit and shirt
  • For formal occasions, pick a solid colored tie that’s darker than your shirt

Once you know how to wear a tie, keep those quality accessories crisp and wrinkle free by hanging them on the number one tie rack–Necktie Butler .

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Necktie Butler Keeps Great Ties Great

There’s a trend to smarten up. Get rid of the casual look. Look smart, professional and focused.  Go ahead, throw on a tie. It’s a small thing, but small things are the point. You’ll look and feel the part of a rising professional star. Successful professionals know that small things matter. So if you’re going to wear a tie, wear a good one. Here are three things to consider when buying your next tie.

  • Besides color and texture of your necktie, choose a tie that is cut on the bias. When a tie is cut across the threads of the cloth diagonally this is a true bias. Cutting on the true bias takes an amazing amount of fabric for such a small accessory. But if the tie is not cut correctly, it will not flex or wrap properly without the lovely ease that a true bias cut gives.

Ties which are not cut properly have a tendency to turn and not lay flat and straight. To tell if a tie you plan to buy has been cut correctly take the narrow end of the tie and hold it up in the air. If the tie falls straight, the cut is good. If the tie turns, you should not buy it.

  • Also make sure the tie does not have any loose threads.
  • The width of the narrow part of the tie should be slightly smaller than the height of the collar. The collar should cover the tie completely so that the tie cannot be seen at the back of the collar.

Once you have taken the time to choose well-constructed neckties, you need to store them properly. The best storage system on the market is Necktie Butler. The tie rack has the following features:

  • Holds up to 30 of your favorite ties
  • Quickly find the right tie for the occasion
  • You can easily carry it to a window and pick a tie by natural light
  • Ties are secure and never fall on the floor
  • Only uses 2 inches of wardrobe space
  • Assembled in the Great Northwest
  • Provides years of faithful service

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Tie Racks That Work. No Installation. No Fuss. Great Storage.

If you bought a tie rack and your ties are still on the floor of the closet or over the back of a chair, you wasted your money.

If the ties are tangled up in your shoes at the bottom of your closet then your tie rack is one of those units that wasn’t well thought out.

If your ties fall off every time you shuffle through your closet, you wasted money on a low-quality, poorly designed tie rack.

A well-designed necktie rack will have something a little more creative than pegs.  Silk, satin, polyester, wool, or cashmere are all great chooses for a tie. None of them, however, are the kind of material that clings well to a wooden or plastic peg.

You need a tie rack that gently holds your expensive neck ties in place.. If you keep throwing your ties across the chair, it’s probably because hanging them up is too time consuming or complicated. You need a tie rack which is accessible and convenient. Necktie Butler is all of those things and more. Ties don’t slip. They are easy to hang. You need to order the best tie rack today.

Necktie Racks Are a Necessity For Smart Professionals

STOP. Before you get the cordless drill, stop and think. Don’t do it. Don’t mount a tie rack in your closet. Just think about it. Why would you permanently attach a rack in your closet? Sure, you can probably hang 50 ties on that mounted rack, but how are you going to match a tie to a shirt when they are all hanging inside your dark and probably crowded closet. What you need is a tie rack you can take out and hold next to the shirt and suit of your choice. Necktie Butler is the tie rack with that capability.

Really, you know you need to hang your ties up so they will stay looking smart and crisp. But if you can’t see the tie because it’s stuck at the far end of the mounted rack, you might as well not have that expensive piece of silk.

You, of course, purchase a motorized rotation racks, that makes it a breeze to browse through a large collection of ties very quickly. But you still have to take every tie off if you want to hold it against the shirt. Additionally, this rack takes up a lot of space. You don’t really want to dedicate that much area to a tie rack. And, uh, you have to put batteries in. You really want another reason to buy batteries?

There are bars that are mounted to the wall. Ties looped across this system hang straight, but pulling one off, frequently pulls others with it.

There are several options for tie racks, the best option, however, is the ever popular Necktie Butler. Over the years, men often receive many great ties; get them organized with the best necktie rack in the business. Buy one now.

Necktie Racks Help Your Wardrobe Choices

You want your tie to match your shirt. This first rule is to have your ties arranged in such a manner that you can hold them against your shirts. Get a tie rack—a good tie rack that doesn’t wrinkle your ties. A tie rack you can remove from the closet and carry to a well lit area. In this manner you will be able to make sure the clothes match properly.

Red isn't for every occasion.

Red isn’t for every occasion.

Now be sure to match your tie to your clothing, not your clothing to your tie.

A rather bold selection.

A rather bold selection.

You need to determine the right color for the message you are trying to signal and the color combination that works best. A bright orange shirt and tie might be good for some events. Red isn’t the best possible choice for a board meeting. But these two selections do show that matching a tie to a shirt makes an outfit flattering.

Rather formal outfit.

Rather formal outfit.

Royal blues with a kerchief is a good combination for weddings and other formal events.

Pattern sizes should be different.

Pattern sizes should be different.

If you want patterned shirts make sure you match them with tie patterns that are not exactly the same size. Wear a slim striped shirt with a thicker diagonal striped tie. Don’t choose two patterns of the same size. If you have a checker shirt find the pronounced color in your checkered shirt and find a tie with that color. Remember, matching the tie to the shirt is so much easier if you have all the ties in one place on a rack. Order the Necktie Butler to help in your decision. Buy the easiest to use tie rack– Necktie Butler.