A Tie Rack is a Necessity for a True Professional

Necktie Butler is the best necktie rack made. We are prepared to defend that statement. It stores 30 ties. It keeps them on the rack. It takes up little space. It is mobile so you can bring the ties out and look at them with your outfit. It lasts long and requires no maintenance.

However, we also know that many of you travel and you aren’t going to take your tie rack with you for overnight trips or week-long conferences.

Don’t make the mistake of stuffing them in the side of your travel bag.

Fold your tie four times and gently store it in a clean sock or coat pocket so it will keeps the crisp shape.

Rather than iron a tie which has become wrinkled, put it on a hanger and leave it in the same room as you shower. Let the steam of your shower do the work.

When properly cared for and stored, your tie will highlight your shirt and suit combinations for years. You will look just as polished while conducting business as you do networking in the evening.

When you get home, place your ties on the Necktie Butler.

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When it comes to Necktie Racks, Choose the Best

Necktie Butler was designed by a professional who wanted an easy, convenient way to not only store his ties, but a way to pull them out and match them to various outfits.

Before designing this specific tie rack, he used several different types of tie racks. All of them had problems.

  • Some racks were mounted in the closet and made looking at each tie with a specific shirt and suit difficult. Necktie Butler allows you to carry your tie selection to any area where you have a shirt or suit.
  • Some tie racks allowed the ties to slip and fall. Necktie Butler holds your ties without slippage so that the ties end up tangled with shoes on the bottom of the closet.
  • Some tie racks held too few ties. Most professionals have a variety of ties. Having them scattered around the closet is inefficient. You didn’t become a professional by being inefficient. This tie rack allows you to store up to 30 ties without donating very much closet space to the endeavor.

For the best in tie racks, order a Necktie Butler. For the best in efficiency this is the necktie rack you want.

The World Offers a Variety of Neckties- Rack them up!

Print on demand books are changing the way we order books. There is no need for a book to be printed 1000’s at a time and sent to book stores only to be pulled from the shelves several months later and placed on a bargain table. Now books can be read on personal electronic tablets or ordered one book at a time.

The internet has allowed this to happen. The variety within publishing has increased, because making a profit is easier when there aren’t so many wasted copies.

Interestingly enough the same concept is being done with ties. You can now order virtually any tie you want. Stores still carry the basic colors and patterns, but now you can get very unique concepts. Stores couldn’t afford to have several ties with huge lips on them, because only a few would sell, but these can be sold online.

The variety hanging on your necktie rack can be immense. There are ties for chefs with innumerable numbers of designs from banana slices to peach slices to pretzels to fried eggs.

There are ties with dollar signs or dollar bills. Ties with poison control logos and pictures of hair dryers.

Stop signs and snakes, no smoking signs and nickels are all represented on the silk accessories.

Every sport with bats, balls, sticks, horses can be represented on a tie. Swimmers, golfers, cheerleaders.

Occupations including beekeepers, lawyers, handyman’s hammers. Plumbers’ wrenches and forks for the waiter all emblazoned on a tie.

You can have your face screened on a tie, or your company’s logo.

Ordering a tie for your next business function, might not be a bad idea. Typically gag ties, or cartoon ties or gambling designer ties with the “joker is wild” are not professional.

However, there are times when a tie could add unity to a group.

When you do spend money on ties you need to spend money to keep the ties looking unwrinkled and crisp. Get the best tie rack in the world with Necktie Butler.  Buy one now.

Necktie Rack Keeps Ties Clean and Accessible

Smoke smells whether from cigarettes or a fire have a tendency to linger in clothing. This smell travels with you and doesn’t help you present a professional impression.

Hanging an odor-filled necktie on a tie rack with your other ties can spread the smell. Of course, you need a sturdy tie rack, but you don’t want to place a strong smelling tie on that rack.

Try these methods for removing the scent:

You might want to try putting the scented tie in the direct sunlight for an hour or so. Don’t leave the tie there very long as the sunlight can fade the material.

You can also use an odor neutralizing spray; although, this is often not the best option. Some sprays leave particulates on the tie. And some just cover the smell.

Another way is to lay your tie out on a dry, clean surface. Sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on top of the tie. The baking soda should sit two or three hours.  Gently shake the baking soda off. If necessary wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Baking soda absorbs most smells without leaving a cover up smell.

Once the smell is gone, store your tie with other ties on the Necktie Butler. This tie rack will keep your ties new looking longer. Buy a Necktie Butler today.