Tie Racks to Hang Your Comfortable Ties

There are several reasons you should take some time getting the right fit for your collared shirt.

First—No one looks good in a baggy shirt.

Second—A shirt that is too tight will be uncomfortable, especially once you put a tie on.

To get the right fit:

Measure your sleeve length–Your sleeve should cover your wrist and reach the beginning of your thumbs. When wearing a jacket and extending your arms, the sleeves should be between a half an inch and one inch past the jacket.

Collar size–You should have a space of one to two fingers between the collar and your throat.

Shoulder fit–The shoulder seam and the end of your shoulder bone should align. If the shoulder seam sags below this line, then the underarm fit will be off and the front will hang wrong.

Torso—The shirt should fit close to the body without being too tight.

If fit correctly, these shirts can be very comfortable and stylish.  You won’t feel uncomfortable in your dress clothes.  You won’t mind wearing a tie.

Neckties do not have to be uncomfortable. A tie is only uncomfortable if it is tied too tight or your shirt collar is too small. It is important that you get the right neck size and sleeve length.

If your son made this in shop class to hang up your ties, tell him thanks, but you'll probably need something more sophisticated.

If your son made this in shop class to hang up your ties, tell him thanks, but you’ll probably need something more sophisticated.

Once you get your ties and shirts, make sure your closet is organized. Get a great tie rack for the neckties you have.

You need to organize these ties on a necktie rack that is convenient  and easy to put in your closet.

Order your tie rack now.


Necktie Rack at Necktie Butler. The Best Tie Rack Ever.

Jazz up your summer look with a new necktie and a necktie rack to hang them on.

For summer fashion you might want a pastel tone. Greens, such as emerald and mint are popular summer colors.  Solid greens pair exceptionally well with suits in navy, tan and any shade of gray. Because these are solid in color, finding a shirt to match should not be a problem.

Plaid ties in pastel colors add a surprising touch of summer flavor while still staying professional. A navy suit, white shirt and black dress shoes makes for a well-manicured look.

A variety of ties gives you a new image of power every day.

Whenever you add new ties, you must find a place to hang these.

Don’t compromise. Buy the best. Necktie Butler is the best without being the high price leader.

For a tie rack that allows you to:

  • Have more than two dozen ties at your fingertips
  • Be able to find the right tie for the right location
  • Carry to a window & pick a tie by natural light
  • Have ties that don’t slip and fall to the floor
  • Only use 2 inches of wardrobe space
  • Be sure of its quality since its assembled in the Great Northwest
  • Have years of faithful service

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Neckties & Necktie Racks for Fathers’ Day

There is no perfect one-size-fits-all Father’s Day gift. Every dad is different. There is, however, one thing that every man eventually needs–Ties. Beautiful neckties. They are a traditional Fathers’ Day gift all over the country–and for good reason. Even children understand that their fathers need to look professional at some time or another.

If you are going to buy your father a necktie—and you probably should—make certain he has someplace to store that tie–a tie rack– a beautiful necktie rack.

Necktie Butler is the perfect place for all men to hang their ties.  Buy one today. Whether he has a large walk in closet or a smaller compact closet with limited space, Necktie Butler has the perfect tie rack. This is the perfect size for all. If dads aren’t a one-size-fits-all, at least necktie racks are.  Check out the Necktie Butler.

Your dad will be grateful for this perfect gift. And because these racks are relatively inexpensive, you will have cash to consider other options.

After Necktie Butler additional gift ideas:

  • “We give mom coupon books for hugs and foot rubs and cleaning out the dishwasher. Give your dad a gift card and promise to take him to dinner with it. That would be a good gift. All of you can dress up. Dad can wear his new tie which was hanging on his new necktie rack.” -Viann
  • “An odometer to track how far he walks. Custom golf balls that he can hit while wearing his odometer.” -Steve
  • “Make him a week of special lunches.” -Georgia
  • “Clean his car. Grab supplies and wash, polish and vacuum your Dad’s vehicle. Or take it to a detailing shop.” -Henry
  • “A flashlight you promise not to lose.” -Susan
  • “A great new laptop sleeve for his computer.” -Corynn
  • “A heavy-duty apron for his grilling.” -Dan
  • “A leather wallet.” -Nick
  • “A comfy pair of pajamas.” -Debbie
  • “Magazine subscription.” -David
  • “First aid kit for the car.” -Val

First thing’s first. Order your Necktie Butler now.

Necktie Butler Keeps Great Ties Great

At Necktie Butler these are the kind of requests we hear from tie lovers:

  • A tie rack that holds lots of ties
  • A tie rack that ties don’t fall off of
  • A tie rack that doesn’t take up a lot of space in the closet
  • A tie rack that doesn’t have to be mounted so we can take it with us
  • A tie rack that doesn’t cost more than the ties themselves

This is what these tie lovers don’t want:

  • Having to roll each tie at the end of the day to store it
  • A stupid container that requires rummaging to get to the correct tie
  • A rack with only a few pegs
  • A small peg that gives the ties a crease
  • A rack that hangs over the door to get bumped every time the door opens.

If you have similar wants, order a Necktie Butler today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Necktie Rack is a Great Gift for Graduates

If your son is graduating college this year and looking for a job, you ought to buy him a great tie and a great tie rack. Then don’t go to his job interview.

According to Paul Davidson at USA Today, in his article, “Millennials: Job interview no time to text,” many college grads lack interview skills.

In Davidson’s April 29, 2013 article he said, “Newly minted college graduates soon entering the job market could be facing another hurdle besides high unemployment and a sluggish economy. Hiring managers say many perform poorly — sometimes even bizarrely — in job interviews.”

Some of the behavior Davidson mentions is inappropriate such as:

  • Texting during the interview
  • Taking calls in interview
  • Dressing inappropriately
  • Using slang
  • Bringing parents into the interview or the negotiation for salary

According to Davidson’s article HR executives say such quirks have become more commonplace. The trend reflects a generation of Millennials who grew up texting and using smartphones and social media.

As a parent, give your son direct orders not to be one of the applicants that gets dismissed before having an opportunity to show his skills. Then buy him a few professional looking neckties and a wonderful necktie rack like the Necktie Butler. Order him one today, and tell him to put his phone away.