Reviews Suggest Necktie Butler Is Best In Show

If you are in a store that sells ties, you can probably find a tie rack. They are all over.

We took a look at some of these necktie racks to see if anything even comes close to the convenience and accessibility of using the Necktie Butler (spoiler alert: they don’t).

One of the more popular tie racks is Twirl-a-Tie. This necktie rack holds up to 20 ties and hangs in the closet requiring no installation. The ties hang on this necktie rack as long as the rack stays in the closet. There is, however, no way to move the rack without them falling off. Also the hooks are not spaced far enough apart so the ties are crushed together.

There are several motorized tie racks that cost considerably more. They also take up more space in the closet. Another downside to the motorized or revolving tie racks is they can’t be removed from the closet.

With Necktie Butler all the ties can be taken to a window or other well-lit areas as you choose which tie best matches your outfit.

There are tie organizers that mount to the wall. This is not a bad idea for a few ties in a closet that has lots of extra room. Once again there is no way to take all your ties to a well-lit location to find the perfect tie for the day’s outfit.

Then there is the tie racks made in your son’s middle school shop class. If your son went

If your son made this in shop class to hang up your ties, tell him thanks, but you'll probably need something more sophisticated.

If your son made this in shop class to hang up your ties, tell him thanks, but you’ll probably need something more sophisticated.

through the trouble to make you a tie rack, be appreciative and use the heck out of it.

But if he didn’t, just do yourself a favor and get a Necktie Butler.

Leave a Great Impression- Get A Quality Necktie Rack

Step up your morning organization routine with a tie rack that gives you the best of everything. Necktie Butler holds up to 30 ties. The ties don’t drop from the tie rack and fall to the floor tangling in a messy mass. The very best part is that the tie rack is easily carried from the closet to the bed or by the window so you can chose exactly the best tie for the day.

Choosing a proper tie is important if you want to look professional.

How others perceive you is important because perception is reality.

People believe what they perceive. What they perceive becomes their reality.

Albert Einstein said “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Dressing correctly can improve other peoples’ perception of you.

Get a good tie and a good necktie rack. Leave others with the impression you want.

Order a Necktie Butler today.


Do’s and Don’ts for Summer Tie Wearing

The summer is hot. As temperatures climb toward triple digits, you may be tempted to dress more casually. At times this can be a complete disaster. Men who try to ditch the tie and dress casually often look very sloppily dressed.

Men can stay cool and professional if they invest in a lighter weight suit that lets you breath. Try a light grey or a steel blue. A light weight chocolate or even a navy.

Now get a lightweight tie to match. Keep the look sharp at the office or at summer parties by picking up a new tie. Pastel tones in light blue, rose, peach, coral and pink are a really popular choice from designers.

You will want to make sure you have a tire rack to hang them on too. A tie rack that will allow you to move the ties from your closet and out into the room where you can match styles and colors.

Here are a few summer do’s and don’ts from Stefan Doyno who writes about men’s fashion for The Manual.

Tie DO’s And DON’Ts

  • DO wear a tie with a full suit.
  • DON’T wear a tie with slacks.
  • DO pair a skinny tie with a tailored suit.
  • DON’T wear bow ties without a tux.
  • DO wear cotton ties in the summer.
  • DON’T wear novelty ties.
  • DO wear blue; it always looks good.
  • DO be careful with prints.

And, of course, always hang your ties on a quality tie rack to keep them looking their best.

Tie Racks- Only buy from Necktie Butler

You can look on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or any other site you want, and you’ll find loads of tie racks.  What you won’t find, though, is The Original Necktie Butler.

The Original Necktie Butler is only sold at

On other sites you can see options that are battery-powered, motorized, and must be installed with a myriad of tools Dad received last Father’s Day.  He doesn’t want a gift that takes WORK… he just wants a gift that WORKS.

The Necktie Butler is a tie rack that works.  It holds up to 30 ties comfortably, only takes up a few inches of space in the closet, and will never need new batteries.

Buy the father in your life a tie rack here, and tell your friends about if they’ve been searching through bulk sites for a necktie rack that really works.