Neckties Add Confidence- Have a Tie Rack for This Important Accessory

If your closet is full of suits and a tie rack with great ties, you recognize dressing this way is beneficial. But do you know why?

There may be a biological explanation as to why suits and ties are appealing. Suits are designed to enhance the male form. All suit jackets have been fashioned with different degrees of shoulder padding.

A well-fitting suit is intended to shape the upper body giving the wearer a broad-shoulder, thin waist appearance.

This is considered aesthetically pleasing or beautiful. Women, on average, are more attracted to men who have broad shoulders and a relatively narrow waist. Broad shoulders have been synonymous with strength or power in males.

Wearing a suit and tie often makes men more confident and attractive in general. This attractiveness and confidence can be important in most businesses and even in politics. That is because leaders are perceived as strong. Confidence is an important element for success.

At Necktie Butler, we offer a way to have all the power suits and ties organized in your closet in such a way you can quickly be prepared for your professional life.  Order yours today.

Tie Rack for Professional Looking Mornings

If you are blurry-eyed in the morning, you need to store your ties on a convenient tie rack. A necktie rack which you can easily remove from your closet and choose the perfect match from.  Because you as a professional know that throwing on a tie is a small thing, but it can make a big difference in how people perceive you.

Whether you are suiting up for a professional meeting or trying on a new look for the evening, a tie allows you to pull it all together.

A tie can give you a touch of texture or a complementary color. Since it’s the first men’s accessory people notice when looking at you, you need a tie rack you can pull out and hold up to your tie and suit combination.  If you choose a tie preemptively, you may be regretting it later in the day.

People will notice if the tie is wrinkled or mis-shaped, hence the reason to hang your collection correctly on a quality tie rack.

Your tie should not only say that you are a professional, but it should also say that you pay attention to detail.

Besides making sure the tie is wrinkle-free, there are a few other concerns. Consider:

  • Regardless of how tall you are—six feet six inches or five foot three, the tip of the tie should hit right at the beltline.
  • Wide ties are not stylish. If you are a larger person, then a two and three-quarter inch tie is acceptable. If you are smaller, then a two and a quarter inch tie might be better for you.
  • For professional settings, your tie should anchor the outfit together, not be a conversation piece.

For a professional look, fill your Necktie Butler with 30 wonderful ties.

Call and order one today.

Tie Racks Great Birthday Presents for Men

Let’s face it, it’s hard to shop for men.  With women it’s a whole different story.

You can buy a woman:

  • jewelry
  • chocolate
  • flowers
  • purses
  • shoes
  • clothes
  • perfume

The list goes on and on…. we love it all!

If you buy those things for men, here’s what they’ll say:

  • jewelry: “Thanks, but I don’t like wearing rings, they feel weird.”
  • chocolate: “Is this for you?”
  • flowers: “What do I do with these?”
  • purses: (we’ll substitute for wallets here) “Thanks, but I like this one I’ve had for 10 years better.”
  • shoes: “What’s the return policy? Can I pick some out myself?”
  • clothes: “What’s the return policy? Can I pick something out myself?”
  • perfume: (cologne in this case) “Umm…. this smells like an old man… what’s the return policy?”

Necktie Butler makes it easy to buy a great birthday present for men.  Tie racks are a classic gift.  And even if they say, “Why do I need this, I don’t wear a tie to work.”  You can respond with… “Well maybe you should get a job where you do have to wear one.  You’d probably make more money. Here, I made you a resume too!”

So instead of toiling over which pair of Jordans to get him, just buy him a tie rack.  He will appreciate it when he gets his new job.

Most men, whether they have a job that requires a tie or not, have acquired a few of these neck accessories throughout their lifetime.  They may wear them to church, on dates, or to parties.  And those without a tie rack are often left to stuff their ties in a drawer, roll them up on top of a dresser, or hang them on a regular hanger.  All of those options fail in comparison to having a simple organizer to hang ties on in a responsible way.

You could try getting the birthday boy one of the gifts in the list above, but they will probably end up complaining.  Instead, get him this tie rack.  He won’t be able to argue with its functionality.

Keep All Your Neckties on a Necktie Butler- Best Tie Rack Ever

Pantone is supposedly the world’s authority on color. Not just the array of colors you have hanging on your tie rack, but color throughout a variety of industries.

In the 1950s, Pantone had nothing to do with the color of neckties and clothing. They used a chemist to systematize and simplify pigments and the production of colored inks.

The company’s signature product included the “Pantone Guides.” These were thin cardboard sheets with a series of related color swatches bound into a small fan deck.

This was the color matching system that is taken for granted now.

Whatever color you chose, you want a better storage system than this.

Whatever color you choose, you want a better storage system than this.

Because of Pantone fame, the world has taken note when the company declares a particular color “Color of the Year.”

The color for summer 2013 was chosen in London in the spring of 2012. The results of the meeting are published in Pantone View. Fashion designers, florists, and many other consumer-oriented companies purchase this guide to help as they design and plan future products.

The fact that Pantone announced Emerald as their 2013 color of the year is one of the reasons this shade has been showing up everywhere, including men’s ties. Go to a necktie rack display in any department store and you will notice accessories infused with this green.  Other variations of green are also popular—teal, mint and shades of turquoise.

Just because Pantone made a declaration that this was Emerald year does not mean you need to wear green any more than you needed to wear Tangerine Tango in 2012 or Honeysuckle in 2011 or the yellow Mimosa in 2009.

Variety, however, is nice and if you have a tie rack such as a Necktie Butler to hold your variety, you will always have a crisp, clean tie to put on.

Order one today from Necktie Butler.

Women Need a Quality Necktie Rack

Women you need a top rated, high quality tie rack. You need a Necktie Butler. Every convenience you afford your husband is a convenience for yourself.

If your husband has a ton of ties, you are probably the one who tries to organize them.

He probably ruins some of them because he doesn’t take the time to hang them properly on a necktie rack. He either drapes them over the middle bar in the closet, or just drops them randomly on a hanger.

Technically, these male accessories are not your responsibility.  But statistically you are still doing much of the house work.  Culturally women spend a greater number of hours doing household and caregiving duties. These duties decrease the number of hours that they can work for pay.

According to Anne York, an associate professor of economics at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina, as quoted in a CNN article dated, Tuesday, April 9, 2013, men worked on average 8.3 hours per day while full-time women workers worked 7.8 hours per day in 2011.

The article says,  “In 2011, the latest year available, we see the expected gender division in time use with women spending an average of two more hours per day than men doing the activities of personal care; household chores; purchasing goods and services; caring for and helping household and nonhousehold members; organizational, civic or religious activities; telephone calls, mail and email; and other activities not classified elsewhere in the survey.

“How did men allocate their time? They spent an average of an additional 40 minutes per day on sports and leisure compared with women, four additional minutes on eating and drinking, two additional minutes on educational activities, and 1 hour and 16 minutes additional time working and performing work-related activities.

“The two of the areas with the largest deficits for men were 47 fewer minutes per day on household activities and 22 fewer minutes on caring for and helping household and nonhousehold members.”

Women need to take advantage of any item—such as the Necktie Butler—that will ease the time they spend on organizing for their husband or their sons.

Women, buy yourself a quality tie rack, a necktie rack that can keep the men in your life organized.

Buy one or two quality necktie racks today.

Necktie Racks are Good For Teenage Boys

Even teenagers need a tie rack and a few quality ties to put on their own quality necktie rack. Let us explain.

He can play ball and tie a tie for game day.

He can play ball and tie a tie for game day.

Our friends have a son who is a versatile and exceptional high school athletic. On game days you can go to the high school and hear his team members say, “Hey, where’s, Colton? Is Colton here yet?”

These team mates often rush up to him in the hallway thrilled to see he has arrived.

Yes, he definitely helps the team win, but the main reason these 16, 17 and 18-year-old boys hurry up to him is to have him tie their tie.  Coaches often require a necktie on game day.

Many of these high schoolers don’t know how to tie their own necktie. Even those who know how to make the knot properly, often get the bottom piece too long.

Even young boys can learn to properly knot a tie. It may be a few years before the knot is completely straight.

Even young boys can learn to properly knot a tie. It may be a few years before the knot is completely straight.

Colton comes from a family who attends church. He wears a tie every Sunday and he has been tying his own tie since he was about 8-years-old. The tie didn’t always look the best. But he has gotten so he can discuss the upcoming game while whipping his teammates tie over and under and around and arrive at a beautiful and comfortable knot.

Most teenagers shrink at the thought of wearing a tie, but it is an important thing for them to get used to. There are going to be more and more places in which wearing a tie is a necessity.


Formal dances are just one place where teenage boys need to wear a tie.

There are formal dances, awards banquets and dressing up for game-day.  One would also imagine that a teen who is comfortable wearing a tie, would be more likely to consider himself for jobs and occupations that require a tie.

Get your son comfortable with professional clothing by getting him a few quality ties and a necktie rack that will provide a convenient storage spot. The last thing you want is an expensive tie tangled on the closet floor among the football cleats or nasty-smelling high tops.

The Necktie Butler won’t take much room in his closet already full of T-shirts and hoodies. The ties stay put in between wearing.

Order one today from Necktie Butler.