Necktie Weather- Get a Necktie Rack

You might need a wool scarf for the Super Bowl in New Jersey.


The Super Bowl will be snowy and stormy.

That is the prediction from the Farmers’ Almanac for the 2013-2014 winter.  The almanac is “red-flagging” the first ten days of February for “possible heavy winter weather.” That will hit directly on the Super Bowl.

Certainly, forecasts this far out are unreliable. However, the prediction for a cold, wet winter for most of the United States is based in fairly good science. The one good part of this story is you can now put on a tie and feel cool enough for comfort.

If you have been sweating in your tie, you will be loving this fall weather and the new ties you can start wearing.

You need a great way to store these ties.

You need a necktie rack of quality.

You need a Necktie Butler to store these ties.

Will you really need a wool scarf for the Super Bowl?

Well, the answer is an unequivocal, maybe.

The Farmer’s almanac claims an 80 percent accuracy rate still there is no way to predict the specific days when storms will occur several months in advance.

Necktie RacksLast year the Almanac predicted a mild winter in the West and a cold winter for Easterners. The opposite occurred. The West was cooler than average. The east had a mild winter.

So don’t buy earmuffs quite yet.

But a new necktie would be a great purchase.

Something to add to your tie rack.

And if you don’t have a Necktie Butler order yours today.


Organize Your Closet- Start With A Necktie Rack

If you are going to get a new tie rack in an attempt to organize your ties, then you probably should just organize the whole closet.

If your ties are stuck on a necktie rack with a closet stuffed full of clothing that no longer fits, then you need to purge.

If there is a mountain of shoes you don’t even know you own, it’s time to get organized.

Go through everything in the closet. Take it out and organize it.

Buy good hangers. There is no reason to use dry cleaner hangers that bend. Get some good wooden or plastic hangers.

Clean! After you have sorted through everything, you need to vacuum or mop the closet. Nothing makes clothes feel lackluster like dust.  Wipe down all the shelving.

Now it’s time to organize. Hang your shirts in short sleeve first, then long sleeve. Put the pants in sections—dress slacks, jeans, etc.

Make sure you don’t’ get sucked into getting a tie rack that is mounted to the wall of your closet and can’t be removed and taken to a place where you can see the colors and how they look with a specific shirt or jacket.

What you really need while organizing your closet is a Necktie Butler. Order one today.

Neckties Stored on a Necktie Rack Help Make a Good Impression

In the next few weeks we are going to add to this blog ideas about mistakes people make with their body language. These ideas come from Forbes magazine. Of course, one of the mistakes people make is not dressing professionally. If you are a businessman you need some great ties that are stored neatly on a great tie rack.

If you need one of those necktie racks because yours is not easily accessible or doesn’t store enough ties, order a Necktie Butler today. As a professional you understand that it is the little things that often sabotage our success.

You need a good necktie rack to keep your ties professional looking.

Besides dressing slovenly, these are some other body language mistakes people make.

  • Averting your eyes so as not to make eye contact. This may indicate shyness or deception or even a lack of respect. None of these qualities are helpful in most business settings.
  • Hunching, whether over your cell phone or just because you’re tired, indicates low self esteem or lack of energy. Who wants someone like that on their team?
  • Fishy, limp handshake. A firm handshake suggests authority.
  • Too firm a handshake. Don’t give the impression of being controlling or aggressive with a hand shake that is punishingly hard.
  • Folded arms. Standing or sitting with your arms folded gives the impression you are not interested in what the other party has to say.
  • Looking down and away. This gives the impression of being self-conscious or not comfortable in the situation.
  • Angling and forcing a distance between the person you are speaking to shows distrust or disinterest in what is being said.
  • Fidgeting. This can include everything from bouncing your leg to biting your finger nail or fiddling with your hair. This signals discomfort or anxiety.
  • Looking at the clock, your watch or checking your cell phone. This suggests you are ready to leave and something else is more important.

To make sure your dress preparations are also professional, order a Necktie Butler.

Necktie Butler Holds 30 Ties- Get a Variety

Add color.

Add color.

It’s always fun to experiment with unexpected colors when buying a tie for your necktie rack. In our series of 30 ties to put on your Necktie Butler, we would like to suggest a tie such as this; brightly colored neckties can be worn through all the seasons.

Remember that as a tie rack, Necktie Butler can’t be beat. With room for 30 ties, you can afford to have a new tie every day of the month.

Buy a tie rack from Necktie Butler today.