Add That Dash That Women Love–A Great Tie and Tie Rack

lawns 056For our last blog about adding purple neckties to add to your necktie rack, we’d like to reference a new study by a British laundry detergent brand called My Ariel. This study polled 2000 Brits and discovered women like purple on their men.

The research also discovered that more than a quarter of women—28 percent—admitted they refused an invitation to go out because they hated the guy’s clothes. Only 14 percent of males admitted to being as affected by the woman’s clothing choice.

Women felt so strongly about how a man dressed that 60 percent said clothes are the top dating deal breaker.

Fill that tie rack up with ties that will impress the girl you want to impress.

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Ties Rate High On Must Haves–So Do Necktie Racks

lawns 041If you take pride in your appearance and want to look your best, be sure to keep a variety of ties available on your tie rack.

This month Necktie Butler is featuring purple ties. This color is becoming increasingly used by men. They are a nice variation from the power red ties and look really good if combine with the rest of your clothes.

Purple signifies graciousness, lavishness and big goals. There is a bit of creativity and magic that goes with this color.

Try a new tie for your tie rack.

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A Purple Necktie For Your Tie Rack–A Good Choice

If you were rich and powerful in the Roman Empire, you had your clothes boiled in the shells of the murex sea snail. This gave the cloth a purple color. This demonstrated your wealth, status, and valor.

To get this lovely shade of lavender or wine, you no longer have to use snails or any other aquatic creature. There are so many options at any fine retailer.

lawns 040This month Necktie Butler is featuring the color purple for your ties. This color will add variety to your necktie rack.

This ensemble is a little daring, but looks great as a new fall color.

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A New Color of Tie for Your Tie Rack

The Purple Heart was created in 1932 to honor American soldiers who have been wounded or killed while serving in battle. The award is given posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. It is specifically combat decoration.

Longview 057The purple denotes those deserving of respect.

Certainly, wearing a purple tie does not give one the right to demand the respect that is associated with those who have fought and protected our nation. The reference to the Purple Heart is just to recognize that purple is not a feminine color. It is a color of respect.

So when choosing a new tie, consider adding a purple tie to your tie rack.

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Choosing the Right Tie & the Right Tie Rack Not Complicated

lawns 060As we feature purple ties to add to your tie rack, we must suggest that you be careful not to add too much purple. It can make you look exactly the opposite of what you want to appear. Too much purple and bright color can smack of being cheap and flashy. Purple ties, a purple pocket handkerchief, looks good. Add purple shoes and socks—not so classy.

The color purple is beautiful and men should feel free to use it, just be judicious about how much.

With all the available choices, finding the right tie isn’t difficult. Finding the right tie rack is even easier. Order a Necktie Butler today.



Why You Need a Necktie Butler Tie Rack

If you are a professional then you recognize that organization is not a luxury, it is a necessity. You cannot function in chaos and succeed. Even if your desk does not appear organized to others, you are cognizant of what is there and what needs done.

Why would your closet be any different? Why wouldn’t you have the best tie rack available to add the final touch of orderliness to your morning routine?

You don’t need a built-in contraption that is bulky and from which you have to take one or two ties at a time, cross the room and hold them up to your day’s outfit just to see which matches best.

You don’t need a hulking, revolving rack that consume a constant supply of batteries and where the tie you really want is on the opposite side of the spindle.

What you need is an organized, mobile tie rack, where you can quickly carry all your selections to the natural light and make your selection.

The problem with most portable tie racks is that they are plastic pieces of junk from which the ties slide while you are walking across the room. These cheaply built, poorly designed contrivances aren’t necessarily well-behaved while stationary.   If knocked or bumped in the closet, they lean precariously to one side and the ties wrinkle with the weight of one another.

At work, you didn’t opt for the cheap filing cabinet where the bar inside falls off every time you add a file. You didn’t purchase the laptop with the 386 processor or pick a secretary who spends her day watching YouTube videos of cats. You need to value your personal space just as much as your work space.

You need a tie rack that was designed by someone who has considered all the essentials. You aren’t going to get that kind of quality from a $9.99 contraption sold at a box store or as an after-thought on a storage web-site.

You need a necktie rack that was designed by a professional who wanted organization, convenience, quality, durability, space saving and ease. You need a Necktie Butler.

The Right Combination in Ties and Tie Racks from Necktie Butler

When choosing to add a purple tie to your tie rack and your wardrobe remember  to be careful how you combine this shade with other bright colors. Oranges and reds are not always the best choices with bright purple.

lawns 052If you are in the mood to wear a bright shade of purple, you should consider dark accessories. Black trousers with a light purple top will look royal. Dark purple can be teamed with light neutral colors like beige, cream and off-white.

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The Right Tie and the Right Tie Rack Helps Insure Style

If you are wearing black pants and no jacket, purple is just the right color to add as a necktie. Make sure your necktie rack contains at least one tie with predominate purple shades.

lawns 059Purple is a great fall shade even if you are not a Minnesota Vikings’ fan.

So when get bored with the other ties on your necktie rack, add a purple tie. Many people are choosing to adopt the unconventional purple because it makes and elegant and strong fashion statement.

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Add a New Tie to Your Tie Rack–Add Necktie Butler to Your Closet

If you finally want to get stylish, choose to put a purple tie on your tie rack.

lawns 049This month Necktie Butler is featuring the color purple for your new ties. We choose this color because purple has it all—it stands out but not too much. Purple is easy to match with other colors. You can add it to white, black or gray clothes. These are outfits you already have and might just want to update.

This tie is just another suggestion to add to your Necktie Butler.

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Tie Rack Need to be Sturdy–Necktie Butler Is

As the weather becomes grey, you need a pop of color to alleviate the gloom. Nothing raises your spirits like having a tie rack full of colorful ties that still look professional. Make sure your tie rack is sturdy enough to hold the variety of ties you need.

lawns 048Purple is this month’s color. A color choice which may not be as common as others, but certainly needs to be added to your necktie rack.

See this tie as another suggestion for the 30 slots on your Necktie Butler.

As you add new ties to your tie rack, make sure you have a tie rack you can remove from the closet and conveniently move to where the lighting shows you exactly what matches your ensemble. Choose Necktie Butler as your storage option. To buy the best tie rack on the market, click here.