A Tie Rack is a Necessity for a True Professional

Necktie Butler is the best necktie rack made. We are prepared to defend that statement. It stores 30 ties. It keeps them on the rack. It takes up little space. It is mobile so you can bring the ties out and look at them with your outfit. It lasts long and requires no maintenance.

However, we also know that many of you travel and you aren’t going to take your tie rack with you for overnight trips or week-long conferences.

Don’t make the mistake of stuffing them in the side of your travel bag.

Fold your tie four times and gently store it in a clean sock or coat pocket so it will keeps the crisp shape.

Rather than iron a tie which has become wrinkled, put it on a hanger and leave it in the same room as you shower. Let the steam of your shower do the work.

When properly cared for and stored, your tie will highlight your shirt and suit combinations for years. You will look just as polished while conducting business as you do networking in the evening.

When you get home, place your ties on the Necktie Butler.

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