Christmas Gift–Either a Tie or a Necktie Rack–or Both

Monochromatic can be classy. Just don't let it get boring.

Monochromatic can be classy. Just don’t let it get boring.

When you are pulling a striped tie from your necktie rack, you might want to go with a monotone chromatic scheme. This is when you use just one single hue and its variations in terms of tints, shades and saturations.

Using a monochromatic scheme can be risky as it can be very monotonous. Nevertheless, using such a combination with pure white or black can be very efficient.

Your necktie rack should contain at least one tie with a monochromatic scheme.

This tie celebrates the season in a professional way.

This tie celebrates the season in a professional way.

But maybe this month is the time to wear something a little more colorful in honor of the holiday season. Try one of these professional, yet cheery ties.

If you are in a quandary as to what to buy those men on your list, consider the Necktie Butler. This is a tie rack that doesn’t let all the ties slide to one side, yet it can be moved from closet to closet or brought out and held up to an outfit. The Necktie Butler is strong. You don’t always have to be worried about some plastic part breaking.

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