Do’s and Don’ts for Summer Tie Wearing

The summer is hot. As temperatures climb toward triple digits, you may be tempted to dress more casually. At times this can be a complete disaster. Men who try to ditch the tie and dress casually often look very sloppily dressed.

Men can stay cool and professional if they invest in a lighter weight suit that lets you breath. Try a light grey or a steel blue. A light weight chocolate or even a navy.

Now get a lightweight tie to match. Keep the look sharp at the office or at summer parties by picking up a new tie. Pastel tones in light blue, rose, peach, coral and pink are a really popular choice from designers.

You will want to make sure you have a tire rack to hang them on too. A tie rack that will allow you to move the ties from your closet and out into the room where you can match styles and colors.

Here are a few summer do’s and don’ts from Stefan Doyno who writes about men’s fashion for The Manual.

Tie DO’s And DON’Ts

  • DO wear a tie with a full suit.
  • DON’T wear a tie with slacks.
  • DO pair a skinny tie with a tailored suit.
  • DON’T wear bow ties without a tux.
  • DO wear cotton ties in the summer.
  • DON’T wear novelty ties.
  • DO wear blue; it always looks good.
  • DO be careful with prints.

And, of course, always hang your ties on a quality tie rack to keep them looking their best.