Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day gifts are fairly simple to choose, but if you need Father’s Day gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Of course we think one of the best gifts you can get your dad is a great tie rack, but we have a whole list of gifts we’d like to recommend and explain why these gifts are a great idea or Father’s Day!necktie2

  • Necktie racks- Necktie racks are mature gifts to give to the father figures in your life. They work well for young fathers just starting out in the workplace.  They work well for established family men with high paying careers.  They work well for grandfathers who still dress up to go to church. Necktie Butler tie racks cost about the same amount as a good tie, but show much more creativity and care.  
  • Camping gear- Camping gear is a great gift for dads who love the outdoors.  This type of gift can also always come with an invitation to go camping together.  Dads will swoon over the idea of showing their children or grandchildren why they love the outdoors as much as they do.
  • Grilling accessories- For the man loves to turn a steak, grilling accessories are a great Father’s Day gift idea.  Barbecuing seems like the ultimate sign of manliness, so help your Dad get his testosterone on by buying him a fancy grilling tool.  Be it a meat thermometer, a grill cleaner, or a new set of BBQ spatulas, he’s going to love the gift.
  • Cologne- Make the dad in your life instantly “cooler” with just the spray of a bottle.  By wearing the right cologne, a dad can go from run-of-the-mill to extraordinary.  This may seem like a gift that a girlfriend gets for her high school boyfriend, but don’t be fooled by that facade.  With the right card or note, cologne can be an expression of care for the dad in your life because you’re telling him you want to bring him into the modern world!
  • In-home sporting equipment- Dads and grandpas don’t always have time or energy to join softball teams, play in basketball tournaments, or take advantage of a membership at a golf club.  But you can always bring your Dad’s love of sports home and make a family affair out of it!  Buy your Dad an air hockey table, or a basketball shooting game like is at the arcade.  Buy a ping pong table.  Buy a foosball table. Pick his favorite game, and bring it home for the whole family to enjoy!

This list gives ideas of what to buy for Father’s Day gifts for many types of dads; businessmen, outdoors men, men who love to cook, men who need a push into the new century, and sporty dads.

Hopefully this list helps you choose something great for the dad in your life.  If all else fails, though, just stick with the Necktie Butler…. he’s bound to love it!