Having a Tie Rack You Can Transport Makes Choosing Easier

These ties won't go with everything, but they are a fun options for holiday meetings.

These ties won’t go with everything, but they are a fun options for holiday meetings.

Some men seem to have been born with the gift of combining shirt and tie together. They can visualize what a certain combo will look like. These rare individuals can walk to their closet and remove the perfect tie from their tie rack.

Most men are not this way. They stare at their tie rack and eventually decide to wear the same combination day after day just to be safe. Or others just grab a tie and try to pass it off as eccentric.  Neither one of these strategies is probably the one you want to fall back on. You need a better game plan than hit or miss.

First get a tie rack that supports at least two dozen ties. Make sure it is a tie rack that can be easily carried out of the closet. Closets typically do not have the best lighting for matching your tie to your outfit.

Necktie Butler has designed a rack that will allow you to lay the ties against your shirt and jacket.

Gaining an eye for color is often a matter of trial and error, but you must have the opportunity of looking over your options. That is why you must be able to hold the tie up to your respective shirt.

Choose not to wear a tie that is the same exact color as your shirt unless you want to work as an extra for a B rated teen vampire movie.

Don’t be afraid to match a patterned tie with a patterned shirt.  Just follow these tips:

  • Vary pattern type
  • Vary pattern size/scale
  • Match a detail in the tie with the dominant color of the shirt

Order a tie rack that will help with your fashion sence

The Necktie Butler is one of these racks. Order one today. Don’t forget tie racks make great gifts.