Necktie Butler Keeps Great Ties Great

At Necktie Butler these are the kind of requests we hear from tie lovers:

  • A tie rack that holds lots of ties
  • A tie rack that ties don’t fall off of
  • A tie rack that doesn’t take up a lot of space in the closet
  • A tie rack that doesn’t have to be mounted so we can take it with us
  • A tie rack that doesn’t cost more than the ties themselves

This is what these tie lovers don’t want:

  • Having to roll each tie at the end of the day to store it
  • A stupid container that requires rummaging to get to the correct tie
  • A rack with only a few pegs
  • A small peg that gives the ties a crease
  • A rack that hangs over the door to get bumped every time the door opens.

If you have similar wants, order a Necktie Butler today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.