Necktie Rack at Necktie Butler. The Best Tie Rack Ever.

Jazz up your summer look with a new necktie and a necktie rack to hang them on.

For summer fashion you might want a pastel tone. Greens, such as emerald and mint are popular summer colors.  Solid greens pair exceptionally well with suits in navy, tan and any shade of gray. Because these are solid in color, finding a shirt to match should not be a problem.

Plaid ties in pastel colors add a surprising touch of summer flavor while still staying professional. A navy suit, white shirt and black dress shoes makes for a well-manicured look.

A variety of ties gives you a new image of power every day.

Whenever you add new ties, you must find a place to hang these.

Don’t compromise. Buy the best. Necktie Butler is the best without being the high price leader.

For a tie rack that allows you to:

  • Have more than two dozen ties at your fingertips
  • Be able to find the right tie for the right location
  • Carry to a window & pick a tie by natural light
  • Have ties that don’t slip and fall to the floor
  • Only use 2 inches of wardrobe space
  • Be sure of its quality since its assembled in the Great Northwest
  • Have years of faithful service

Order your necktie rack today.