Necktie Rack is a Great Gift for Graduates

If your son is graduating college this year and looking for a job, you ought to buy him a great tie and a great tie rack. Then don’t go to his job interview.

According to Paul Davidson at USA Today, in his article, “Millennials: Job interview no time to text,” many college grads lack interview skills.

In Davidson’s April 29, 2013 article he said, “Newly minted college graduates soon entering the job market could be facing another hurdle besides high unemployment and a sluggish economy. Hiring managers say many perform poorly — sometimes even bizarrely — in job interviews.”

Some of the behavior Davidson mentions is inappropriate such as:

  • Texting during the interview
  • Taking calls in interview
  • Dressing inappropriately
  • Using slang
  • Bringing parents into the interview or the negotiation for salary

According to Davidson’s article HR executives say such quirks have become more commonplace. The trend reflects a generation of Millennials who grew up texting and using smartphones and social media.

As a parent, give your son direct orders not to be one of the applicants that gets dismissed before having an opportunity to show his skills. Then buy him a few professional looking neckties and a wonderful necktie rack like the Necktie Butler. Order him one today, and tell him to put his phone away.