Necktie Racks Are a Necessity For Smart Professionals

STOP. Before you get the cordless drill, stop and think. Don’t do it. Don’t mount a tie rack in your closet. Just think about it. Why would you permanently attach a rack in your closet? Sure, you can probably hang 50 ties on that mounted rack, but how are you going to match a tie to a shirt when they are all hanging inside your dark and probably crowded closet. What you need is a tie rack you can take out and hold next to the shirt and suit of your choice. Necktie Butler is the tie rack with that capability.

Really, you know you need to hang your ties up so they will stay looking smart and crisp. But if you can’t see the tie because it’s stuck at the far end of the mounted rack, you might as well not have that expensive piece of silk.

You, of course, purchase a motorized rotation racks, that makes it a breeze to browse through a large collection of ties very quickly. But you still have to take every tie off if you want to hold it against the shirt. Additionally, this rack takes up a lot of space. You don’t really want to dedicate that much area to a tie rack. And, uh, you have to put batteries in. You really want another reason to buy batteries?

There are bars that are mounted to the wall. Ties looped across this system hang straight, but pulling one off, frequently pulls others with it.

There are several options for tie racks, the best option, however, is the ever popular Necktie Butler. Over the years, men often receive many great ties; get them organized with the best necktie rack in the business. Buy one now.