Necktie Racks Will Safely Store those Needed Accessories

Shoes are not multi-purpose.

  • You don’t wear dirty white vans to a power luncheon
  • You don’t wear football cleats to a karaoke bar
  • You don’t wear white socks and sandals to play golf
  • You don’t wear cowboy boots with basketball shorts

Even in a society which embraces casual Friday, there are still mixes (hiking boots to a formal wedding) that make you look less than astute.

Ties are also not multi-purpose.

  • Scooby Doo cartoon ties do not inspire confidence in a board room
  • Ties shouldn’t hang three inches below the belt
  • Ties shouldn’t stop three inches above the belt
  • A clown tie that squirts water is never a necessity

If you want be accepted as someone with common sense, skill, knowledge and the abilities necessary to handle most situations, choose a good tie.

  • Find a tie with a good lining. Good lining allows you to tie your tie easier and prevents wrinkling.
  • The fabric should feel smooth, not brittle
  • Pick a tie that hits the top of your belt buckle
  • Wear wool ties with tweed or heavyweight jackets
  • Wear silk or similar ties with business suits
  • For business select a tie that has the colors of your suit and shirt
  • For formal occasions, pick a solid colored tie that’s darker than your shirt

Once you know how to wear a tie, keep those quality accessories crisp and wrinkle free by hanging them on the number one tie rack–Necktie Butler .

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