Reviews Suggest Necktie Butler Is Best In Show

If you are in a store that sells ties, you can probably find a tie rack. They are all over.

We took a look at some of these necktie racks to see if anything even comes close to the convenience and accessibility of using the Necktie Butler (spoiler alert: they don’t).

One of the more popular tie racks is Twirl-a-Tie. This necktie rack holds up to 20 ties and hangs in the closet requiring no installation. The ties hang on this necktie rack as long as the rack stays in the closet. There is, however, no way to move the rack without them falling off. Also the hooks are not spaced far enough apart so the ties are crushed together.

There are several motorized tie racks that cost considerably more. They also take up more space in the closet. Another downside to the motorized or revolving tie racks is they can’t be removed from the closet.

With Necktie Butler all the ties can be taken to a window or other well-lit areas as you choose which tie best matches your outfit.

There are tie organizers that mount to the wall. This is not a bad idea for a few ties in a closet that has lots of extra room. Once again there is no way to take all your ties to a well-lit location to find the perfect tie for the day’s outfit.

Then there is the tie racks made in your son’s middle school shop class. If your son went

If your son made this in shop class to hang up your ties, tell him thanks, but you'll probably need something more sophisticated.

If your son made this in shop class to hang up your ties, tell him thanks, but you’ll probably need something more sophisticated.

through the trouble to make you a tie rack, be appreciative and use the heck out of it.

But if he didn’t, just do yourself a favor and get a Necktie Butler.