Tie Racks- Only buy from Necktie Butler

You can look on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or any other site you want, and you’ll find loads of tie racks.  What you won’t find, though, is The Original Necktie Butler.

The Original Necktie Butler is only sold at NecktieButler.com.

On other sites you can see options that are battery-powered, motorized, and must be installed with a myriad of tools Dad received last Father’s Day.  He doesn’t want a gift that takes WORK… he just wants a gift that WORKS.

The Necktie Butler is a tie rack that works.  It holds up to 30 ties comfortably, only takes up a few inches of space in the closet, and will never need new batteries.

Buy the father in your life a tie rack here, and tell your friends about NecktieButler.com if they’ve been searching through bulk sites for a necktie rack that really works.