Tie Racks Should Bring the Best Out of Your Accessory

Now that you are in a position to wear a necktie on a regular basis, you have probably noticed that somehow these beautiful, well-chosen accessories aren’t hanging as straight and looking as sharp as they once did. Maybe you need to care for them a little better.

  • Always untie your tie at the end of the day. Don’t just make the loop big enough to pull your head out of.
  • Don’t rip your tie off when you get home at the end of the day.  Untie it in the reverse order of how you tied it.
  • Hang them on the Necktie Butler.
  • This suggestion bears repeating. Hang them on the Necktie Butler. Throwing them on the back of a chair or on the dresser will not allow the wrinkles to fall out cleanly.

Besides not hanging them properly the next worse thing you kind do is to stain them with food or beverages.

You can dry-clean a stained tie, but the shiny look and feel of your tie will be gone along with the stain. Therefore, really make an effort to protect your tie during meals.  If you do get a stain, dip a clean white napkin into club soda and dab on the spot. Don’t push too hard or the stain will be forced deeper.

For a greasy stain you can use foot power or baking soda and then pat the area.

Then go back to that important step, hang the tie up properly. Necktie Butler is a great option.

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