Tie Racks That Work. No Installation. No Fuss. Great Storage.

If you bought a tie rack and your ties are still on the floor of the closet or over the back of a chair, you wasted your money.

If the ties are tangled up in your shoes at the bottom of your closet then your tie rack is one of those units that wasn’t well thought out.

If your ties fall off every time you shuffle through your closet, you wasted money on a low-quality, poorly designed tie rack.

A well-designed necktie rack will have something a little more creative than pegs.  Silk, satin, polyester, wool, or cashmere are all great chooses for a tie. None of them, however, are the kind of material that clings well to a wooden or plastic peg.

You need a tie rack that gently holds your expensive neck ties in place.. If you keep throwing your ties across the chair, it’s probably because hanging them up is too time consuming or complicated. You need a tie rack which is accessible and convenient. Necktie Butler is all of those things and more. Ties don’t slip. They are easy to hang. You need to order the best tie rack today.