Tie Racks to Hang Your Comfortable Ties

There are several reasons you should take some time getting the right fit for your collared shirt.

First—No one looks good in a baggy shirt.

Second—A shirt that is too tight will be uncomfortable, especially once you put a tie on.

To get the right fit:

Measure your sleeve length–Your sleeve should cover your wrist and reach the beginning of your thumbs. When wearing a jacket and extending your arms, the sleeves should be between a half an inch and one inch past the jacket.

Collar size–You should have a space of one to two fingers between the collar and your throat.

Shoulder fit–The shoulder seam and the end of your shoulder bone should align. If the shoulder seam sags below this line, then the underarm fit will be off and the front will hang wrong.

Torso—The shirt should fit close to the body without being too tight.

If fit correctly, these shirts can be very comfortable and stylish.  You won’t feel uncomfortable in your dress clothes.  You won’t mind wearing a tie.

Neckties do not have to be uncomfortable. A tie is only uncomfortable if it is tied too tight or your shirt collar is too small. It is important that you get the right neck size and sleeve length.

If your son made this in shop class to hang up your ties, tell him thanks, but you'll probably need something more sophisticated.

If your son made this in shop class to hang up your ties, tell him thanks, but you’ll probably need something more sophisticated.

Once you get your ties and shirts, make sure your closet is organized. Get a great tie rack for the neckties you have.

You need to organize these ties on a necktie rack that is convenient  and easy to put in your closet.

Order your tie rack now.