Whatever the Style–Preserve Your Ties On a Superior Rack

Men’s ties are always fashionable. Unless, of course, they are wrinkled, old or frayed. Care for your ties by keeping them clean and hanging them on a good tie rack, and you will have an edge on professional fashion.

Having said that, men’s fashion trends change just as much as women’s.  Right now the skinny tie is making a comeback in men’s fashion.

This means that when you wear one of these ties you need to have a shirt with a narrow collar.

The stylists are also showing a slightly more formal look with the skinny ties. These formal shirts can be cotton, or even silk. A conservative man might wear a white shirt and dark tie. Men who want more color might have a bright shirt with an even brighter necktie.

You certainly don’t have to jump on this new trend. You do, however, have to keep your ties clean and well preserved. A quality necktie holder such as Necktie Butler can do just that.

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You will find as you protect your ties on a superbly- styled tie rack, they will last through the trend cycles and you’ll enjoy ties for years.