When it comes to Necktie Racks, Choose the Best

Necktie Butler was designed by a professional who wanted an easy, convenient way to not only store his ties, but a way to pull them out and match them to various outfits.

Before designing this specific tie rack, he used several different types of tie racks. All of them had problems.

  • Some racks were mounted in the closet and made looking at each tie with a specific shirt and suit difficult. Necktie Butler allows you to carry your tie selection to any area where you have a shirt or suit.
  • Some tie racks allowed the ties to slip and fall. Necktie Butler holds your ties without slippage so that the ties end up tangled with shoes on the bottom of the closet.
  • Some tie racks held too few ties. Most professionals have a variety of ties. Having them scattered around the closet is inefficient. You didn’t become a professional by being inefficient. This tie rack allows you to store up to 30 ties without donating very much closet space to the endeavor.

For the best in tie racks, order a Necktie Butler. For the best in efficiency this is the necktie rack you want.