Women Need a Quality Necktie Rack

Women you need a top rated, high quality tie rack. You need a Necktie Butler. Every convenience you afford your husband is a convenience for yourself.

If your husband has a ton of ties, you are probably the one who tries to organize them.

He probably ruins some of them because he doesn’t take the time to hang them properly on a necktie rack. He either drapes them over the middle bar in the closet, or just drops them randomly on a hanger.

Technically, these male accessories are not your responsibility.  But statistically you are still doing much of the house work.  Culturally women spend a greater number of hours doing household and caregiving duties. These duties decrease the number of hours that they can work for pay.

According to Anne York, an associate professor of economics at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina, as quoted in a CNN article dated, Tuesday, April 9, 2013, men worked on average 8.3 hours per day while full-time women workers worked 7.8 hours per day in 2011.

The article says,  “In 2011, the latest year available, we see the expected gender division in time use with women spending an average of two more hours per day than men doing the activities of personal care; household chores; purchasing goods and services; caring for and helping household and nonhousehold members; organizational, civic or religious activities; telephone calls, mail and email; and other activities not classified elsewhere in the survey.

“How did men allocate their time? They spent an average of an additional 40 minutes per day on sports and leisure compared with women, four additional minutes on eating and drinking, two additional minutes on educational activities, and 1 hour and 16 minutes additional time working and performing work-related activities.

“The two of the areas with the largest deficits for men were 47 fewer minutes per day on household activities and 22 fewer minutes on caring for and helping household and nonhousehold members.”

Women need to take advantage of any item—such as the Necktie Butler—that will ease the time they spend on organizing for their husband or their sons.

Women, buy yourself a quality tie rack, a necktie rack that can keep the men in your life organized.

Buy one or two quality necktie racks today.