You Need a Tie Rrack. You Don’t Need a $30,000 Tie.

If you bought your dad a tie for Fathers’ Day hopefully you got him a wonderful tie rack to go with it–a tie rack that keeps the new tie clean and sharp.

Certainly a tie may seem a tad cliché. But a tie is a needed item, and caring for the tie by hanging it on a tie rack is always the best idea.

It’s probably safe to say not many of you bought your dad a designer tie embroidered with 100 diamonds.  This particular tie was designed by Ricci and sold for $30,000. The brand says it has sold three of its bespoke diamond ties to date in the U.S. See it here:

Hopefully whoever bought these spendy ties has a rack that will adequately display such a find.  This diamond bearing tie is not the most expensive accessory  knotted and hung around a man’s neck.

According to the online magazine, “The Most Expensive Journal” 

“Regardless of what you may think of ordinary ties, you may be impressed by the world’s most expensive necktie.

“The Satya Paul Design Studio, a company with roots in the early stages of India’s fashion industry, displayed the most expensive necktie in the world at a fashion show aptly titled “Cultural Ties” in Mumbai on October 29th, 2003. Tied around the neck of bollywood film star Salman Khan, this unique tie is made of pure silk with a pattern in 150 grams of gold. It’s also adorned with 271 diamonds weighing 77 carats total.

The world’s most expensive necktie was created for the Suashish Diamond group and priced at INR 1 crore—that’s 10 million rupees or, at the time, over $220,000.”

Whatever kind of tie you have or you give to the man in your life, make sure he has a Necktie Butler in his closet. This will allow him to store his ties be they diamond encrusted, pure silk or gold plated.