Your Closet Should Have the Staples–First a Tie Rack

Basics are a good place to start.

Basics are a good place to start.

If you want to make sure you have the staples of a business wardrobe, go with a solid white, pale blue or light gray dress shirt. Add beautiful ties to your tie rack that can be changed daily. Striped ties are always a great way to go when you want to add color without being overbearing.

Just remember don’t match three similar patterns. This is rarely a winning combination.  A striped shirt and striped tie can work. Just don’t add the strip in the suit.

Make sure at least one color in your tie matches either your suit, shirt or your belt and shoes.

Necktie RacksOrder a tie rack that will last you not only through 2014, but for many years beyond that. The Necktie Butler can be taken with you every time you move. It’s a lifetime investment. Order one today.

Don’t forget tie racks make great presents.