Necktie Rack- We've Got It Here

People LOVE this necktie rack

necktie rack

One of the best ways to choose a gift for someone you care about is by reading testimonials. Here are a couple of testimonials from real Original Necktie Butler owners:

"Great product; superb customer service. No more ties slipping off onto my closet floor in the early morning when picking a tie. Works great for both conventional neckties and bow ties: holds onto ties well, and ties are easy to see and access. Recommended!" 
~John, Michigan 

"I love this tie rack! This is the finest tie storage and travel system I have ever owned, bar none. The electronic tie storage systems on the market are over-engineered for the job, incorporate unnecessary moving parts, and are prone to failure. Mounted tie racks are permanently fixed to a wall and worthless when I am on the road. The Necktie Butler will be the last tie rack that you ever buy."
~Abe, Phoenix 

"The Necktie Butler is the answer to one of my biggest complaints in my husband’s side of the closet! The old tie rack we had installed was large and bulky, taking up too much space. Also, the old tie rack had to be permanently mounted and installed in the closet making it impossible to easily rearrange things in the closet. With the Necktie Butler, itÂ’s a snap to move the ties whenever I want to wherever I want them. I also find the Butler very convenient for hanging up belts for both of us."
~Monteen, Newport 

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